Dumplings & Drinks with Momo Said

Since extending our hours, XCHC has become an open source bar, inviting the public to come in and tell their stories through food.  The first group to take us on our word was Momo Said, an organisation that uses their dumpling business to support and up-skill migrant and refugee communities in Christchurch. Dumplings & Drinks occurred on World Refugee Day, and Christchurch was treated to dumpling folding lessons as well as plates and plates of momos.

Chats with curator and photographer Hannah Watkinson

Arts and community organisations can get a lot of flack for the perception of what they are or aren’t doing, but I think that in Christchurch they are doing really well.  We’ve got some incredible people in the city and we just need to do everything we can to encourage them to stay here.  Give them opportunities, be flexible.  Their skills may be incredibly useful in any organisation, but for them to want to stick around they need to have the time and resources to do their own things. 



The magic of XCHC is not in one person’s creative passion, this place is at its best when everyone is coming together and sharing their passions.  So I’m opening it up to you - what do you want XCHC to be now that we’re open in the evenings?

Interview with Liam Dangerfield

Interview with Liam Dangerfield

"This is a place that allows people to give things a go without putting too much stress or pressure on them. If you want to try something, go for it, and you’ve got an awesome and supportive environment to do it. This place is so important to Christchurch, and it’s a place that I’m very glad to have been a part of." - Liam Dangerfield

Invitation: "Spreading the Soup Love"

Invitation: "Spreading the Soup Love"

Got a great idea for a cool, fun project for Christchurch that you’ve been itching to get off the ground? 

CHCH SOUP is the event for you. It might be an event, a little project, an artwork, a working bee to get something done in your neighbourhood, garden… anything really. It’s just got to be achievable within 3 months or a discrete part of it does. To that end, SOUP is supporting small, relatively easily achievable local projects get off the ground.

"Evolving Emotions" - The Story of ESB Photography

Gilchrist's exhibition will be viewable at XCHC Gallery & Cafe, Monday-Friday 7:30am - 3:00pm and for Friday nights performance from 7:30pm-10:30pm.

"My story begins as most stories begin, with love. I fell in love with a girl and I married her. We loved the outdoors, tramping and dare I say it...long walks on the beach! We had planned our lives together, she had just graduated from Dentistry in Otago, secured her first job, everything was looking great. But this wasn't a fairy tale ending. She started getting tired, lost weight, couldn't keep down food and then the doctors told her she had three months to live. Our world came crashing down. Cancer, stage 4, in operable. She was strong and fought until the end. For me my photography story started here.

I started to walk mountain tracks to help me cope with my loss and as I continued on this journey the beauty of New Zealand captured my spirit. It started to bring joy back into my life and I wanted to share my journey with others. 

So I started ESB photography, es for my wife Ester and B for myself Brendon. I hope these photographs capture something special for you. To own one of these pictures is to own a piece of the story. To capture a glimpse of the beautiful landscape that is New Zealand. I will continue this journey and I hope it may bring inspiration to others, wherever the story may lead."
- Brendon Gilchrist

Brendon came to XCHC in October 2016 with a new found desire to share his work by having his first exhibition in early December. Little did we know, the story behind his work would captivate audiences before it was even hung on the walls. Thank you Brendon for sharing your story; we eagerly await to experience your exhibition!

Brendon will be exhibiting his work at XCHC Gallery & Cafe, Monday-Friday 7:30am - 3:00pm and for Friday nights performance from 7:30pm-10:30pm.

Brendon Gilchrist
Email: es23@clear.net.nz
Phone: 0210323651
Instagram: @brendon_esbphotography
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ESB23Photography