Thank you for considering hiring our venue, All revenue goes towards our purpose of cultivating a creative ecology. 

We've been open since August 2014 and have held over 500 events* in our venue. We keep our rates affordable because hosts generously follow these 6 steps before hosting an event, come early to help set up, and leave things how they found them; helping immensely with our operational costs. Thank you understanding and supporting what we do.

Step 1:

Visit the venue (when possible) and decide if it will work for your event.

Step 2:

Step 3:

See if the date is available
Call/Text: 027-828-3757

Step 6:

Create a facebook event and make us co-hosts

Is your event public?

Whether it's a free event or you're trying to sell tickets, we recommend finding facebook groups that are discussing your topic locally. Here are some pages and websites to submit your event to and reach a wider audience. If we're missing any, let us know!

Community Newsletter: 
Send event details to and request for it to be included in the local Week-In-Brief newsletter.

*Events include: storytelling, presentations, product launches, wine/food tastings, concerts, magic shows, theatre, dance, community conversations, panel discussions, film, showcase events, art exhibitions, workshops, pop-up shops, night markets, design meet-ups, photoshoots, video shoots, poetry readings, open-mics, literary events, singer-songwriter performances, AGMs, private parties, and many more.