As a not-for-profit, we use all revenue to cover our costs and anything on-top of that we use to provide better support for the creative community. We’ve never had to raise our prices, and don’t plan on it. With your help, we might not ever have to.

This might be equipment for events, improving the facilities, or items for our production studios so resident artists can expand their practice/capacity.

If you or you know of a local business that might be able to provide any of the following items, we’d be grateful for the support and happy to share your support on our social media channels and add you to our “past supporters” list.


communal Natural indigo vat.

This is an exciting one. If anyone has a vat or a barrel suitable for doing some indigo dye work, we’ll take it!

Also any ideas where to get some natural dye would be awesome!


Soda water tap

We know how hot summers can get and nothing quite beats a refreshing sparkling water. If we had a commercial tap, we could run a soda bar with different natural flavors to beat the summer heat and would be an awesome addition to the Create Your Own menu!
COST: $8,900???


Camera security

Despite being located in an industrial neighborhood, we’ve fortunately only had a few incidences at XCHC. With the higher number of residents working in the studios however, we want to be able to offer everyone the best protection. If we had cameras, it may not only discourage theft, but may have helped us catch the burglar that climbed in the window, the 3 stolen bikes, and the 3 smashed car windows.

Past Supporters