how to show “thank you”.

We all want a more creative and exciting city. Here’s how you can help.

Support the XCHC residents.
When you support the creatives who work here, we all celebrate and our confidence and inspiration gets a BOOST; there really is no greater gift… AND they can afford rent 😏

Share the positive vibes
Feedback helps us grow, so talk to us and join the thousands of others who shared their experience! Try here:
- Rate Pedros Cafe
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Attend an event
- After all that hard work, Nothing is worse than someone showcasing their idea, creativity, or art at an event and no one showing up. Lack of attendance is killing this city, not lack of activity.

Become a Patron
Every month, millions of people pay $10 for a Netflix account. Why wouldn’t you do the same for your local entertainment/community? Sign up and you’re subscribed to our updates, entered to win giveaways, but mostly you’re just doing the right thing :)

 Buy a drink from the bar
- I don’t know of any other bar in town that puts its profits into supporting creativity. It helps us pay our bills, which means we can charge less for the creative stuff we care about.

Snap, talk, tag, post, check-in
- Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool and you are the wielder. If have a photo taken at XCHC, share it, and invite your friends to check us out.

We are a very small team of 1 person. Call us [me] crazy, but we like money to go straight back into the space and community we serve. If you agree, jump in, let us know if you can give us a hand.

The reason why

Meet the current members

These incredible people see the value of what we do and donate every month to our cause.

Simone Bensdorp

Maraed Riley

Heidi Coppard

Ryan Ferris

ILLUSIA (Ramona Gastle)

Harry talbot

Katy Clook

Jonathan H. Lee

Julie Lee

Sophia Blanco

Anake Goodall

Anna Yelizarova

Helen leigh

Deb Robertson

Michael Reynolds

Natasha Zimmerman

Steven Moe

Frank Sew Atjon

Tim Withell