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Friday July 15th 6:00pm - 9:00pm

** Bar Opens at 5pm Conversations begin at 6pm **

Please join us for a night of Art and a Public Conversation!

There are 2 parts to this event. 
1) The launch of our current art exhibition
2) An invitation to talk about our 'passions, desires and gifts' to better understand the range of initiatives in Christchurch as well as to identify how we can support one another. 

Artist: Renata Przynoga
Exhibition: Tamed Emotions
Story: "The amorphous forms are important compositional elements in my images. The lustrous forms of unknown origin invite a closer examination. Embedded in an imaginary space, the images evoke carnality through their smooth and peculiar surface. They seem to be both familiar and foreign. I aim to entice the viewer with the mystery of their origin."
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We've identified the need to strengthen connections across our varied communities of interest with the aim to grow our creative capacities through supporting one another. We will invite others to share using this format:

PASSION : What is the purpose your stand for through the work you do?

DESIRE : What is the change you want to manifest at the community/city wide scale?

GIFT: What do you have to offer others through the work you already do?

Dedicated to developing a skill sharing platform, we will go around the room and each person can identify a skill they need and/or a skill they have to share.

If you are interested in speaking or would like to suggest a speaker please get in touch

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