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It's Show Time!

Friday July 22nd, 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Special Guest: Isaac Spedding @

This night, we celebrate Film! Not just "a" film, but the creative process that takes place through the many stages of production, editing, and releasing into the world. We're inviting film makers of all ages and styles to bring their work and share it with a public audience and other film makers. 

The night will procession: 

5:00pm - Doors open and the XCHC Cafe will be serving beer wine and food

6:00pm - Film makers will be invited to show trailers for films they've made and share why they chose the theme, style of filming, and what they hope to do next.

6:30pm - The audience will Vote on which trailer was everyones favorite and we will watch that film.*

After the film- The audience & film makers will have a chance to discuss the meaning of the film and gain feedback for the film and if theres potential for the event to be had in the future and how it could be tailored to support the Film community through use of our hired showcase space. 

*The films will very in length and may contain adult themes/undertones

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