BERLIN - The concept of XCHC was conceived by Uwe Rieger who started similar projects in Berlin in the early 90’s in the wake of the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Rieger was a young architectural graduate in the burgeoning creative vacuum that exploded and defined Berlin as the epicenter of the avant-guard of Europe.

The first iteration of XCHC was called Praxis Dr McCoy, and operated between 1991-1994, it went on to become one of Berlin`s famous Techno Clubs and was a testing ground for experimental art and architecture.

Later Rieger co-founded Kunst und Technik e.V., an interdisciplinary exchange for designers, artists, technicians and architects, and became internationally known for experimental projects, events and exhibitions. Kunst und Technik Bar Nights were legendary in the Berlin`s avant-guard scene, the project ran from 1996- 2001.

AUCKLAND - Rieger took the concept to Auckland and was one of the directors of shed^10 (2009-2011). The project was one of the early incubators for what has now become a successful repurposed warehouse known as The City Depot Works.

CHRISTCHURCH - The post earthquake creative explosion in Christchurch, while very different from that of Berlin in the 90’s, has one thing in common, and that is it is a pivotal time in history for the city. 

If we look around we see not only creative ideas taking shape, but also a growing desire to participate in and support the creative industries, for it is recognised that it is upon their success that a vibrant and exciting city exists. 

We credit Gap Filler, Free Range Press, Ministry of Awesome, Life in Vacant Spaces, The Social and FESTA for pioneering innovative and place based creative works that inspire others to rise to the occasion of rebuilding the city while taking a stand for their ideals and purpose.  It is in the context of these amazing projects that XCHC has come to life.