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PAPER PLANE - Graduate Design Exhibition

"PAPER PLANE" - Graduate Design Exhibition
Host: Yoobee School of Design

Exhibition Dates:
December 12th - 23rd // M-F 7:30am - 3:00pm

PAPER PLANE collects the best of the 2016 class Diploma of Digital Media (Advanced) from Yoobee School of Design.
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The PAPER PLANE is a curious item, some soar through the air with ease using but the simplest of designs and the fewest of folds. Others are made to glide with elegance through complexity and precision, and yet some barely manage to take flight. As we look back on our experience as students over the past months and prepare ourselves for the future, it is difficult not to see ourselves reflected in the simple act of PAPER PLANE crafting.

As our time as students draws to a close we are preparing for the flight into our professional lives, and it dawns upon us, every effort we have made as students is as if we were carefully folding and crafting, ensuring for ourselves, the smoothest possible journey.

In the industry of Graphic Design, and certainly as students of the art of Visual Communication, our ability to succeed is often founded in our ability to innovate with new ideas, or to shift the common perception of an idea, shedding a new light on it. We plan, research, concept and develop based around our ideas, and all the while we are forced to ask ourselves, 

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