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Photobook: Grandhotel Cosmopolis - Connectivity Trust Vision

Photobook Presentation: Grandhotel Cosmopolis - Connectivity Trust Vision
by Ramona Gastl
Friday, Feb 17th @ 7pm

Photo book Presentation by Ramona Gastl
Grandhotel Cosmopolis - Verbindung Vertrauen Vision (Connectivity Trust Vision)

Dive into the world of Grandhotel Cosmopolis, an unique project with photographs and interviews by Ramona Gastl. Experience the historical origin and be part of a big vision

How do we want to live? is a central question in the house and concentrates on recognizing everybody as a human being and gives room to learn how we, as individuals, can live and work together.
The former home for elderly from the deaconry of Augsburg in the city centre got a new identity in 2012. One part of the house is now an accommodation for 50-60 asylum seekers. Here in the Grandhotel Cosmopolis they experience belonging, participation and a cultural life. Because in priority, it is a hotel and a house of artists with a café and a restaurant. With their personal design of the hotel rooms created many different artists an individual place for travelers. With the Grandhotel, they couldn‘t change the conditions, but it can offer a better quality of life and a more pleasant way of living. The concept of the Grandhotel Cosmopolis demands to see the world as a common cause, to reduce barriers in our minds as well as in practical realization. All is connected. It is an open space and the people there have a vision, which they achieve.

As Photographer and Filmmaker from Augsburg, the Grandhotel Cosmopolis was my first long therm project and I have spent three years there, following and capturing this special place, moments and people from the beginning. This story is now told in a photo book. After launching it in August in an exhibition, I started traveling to show it all over the world, to you. 

The government of Christchurch is asking the question wether to double the quote of welcoming refugees in New Zealand or not. Since the earthquake nobody has talked about it yet. 

You are welcome! Let’s get into an exchange about „How do we want to live and work together“ in the context of architecture, photography, refugees, inclusion, communities, art and experiences, storytelling.

Feel free to ask me anything before and write me your interest so that I could focus on that!

The event is free for everybody!
A koha of 5$ is welcomed.

Love to meet you!

Book sales*: Write to or on order on Friday 17th of February at XCHC during the presentation. 
*They will be sent to the XCHC all at once. 
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