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Finding Common Ground: Community-led development

Finding Common Ground: Community-led development
Date: Monday, Jan 23rd
Time: 5:00pm
Host: Brie Sherow & 
Monika Markova

As we transition into the creative century and out of the productive century we are seeing a growing demand for places where people connect with one another - this shift is blurring the boundaries between where people live, work, and play. The 21st Century city is a place where developments will be driven by cultivating meaningful relationships and growing social capital as much as providing a financial return. 

Community-led developments necessitate collaboration; partnerships between the private sector, public sector, and the community. We need to ask ourselves how we can best work together. What do we each have to offer and what do we need from each other in return? What does it look like to co-create and co-invest in a development? How can the returns be spread horizontally, back to the purpose of the buildings that we’re creating and across our communities that the buildings are serving?

Meet eight different communities who are asking these questions and keen to work with people who would like to explore opportunities in community-led property development and then keep the Facebook link below the presenter list.

• Bev and Pauline will be speaking about New Brighton Sustainable Coastal Village, an exemplar co-housing project based on permaculture principles in central New Brighton.
• Fiona and Bailey from Cultivate Christchurch will speak about their ideas to incorporate housing with their urban agriculture initiatives.
• Ryan will talk about the Non Wilsons Carpark - a carpark where the revenue adds amenity to the site over time, and/or where the space is run by local community groups with the profits helping to bolster existing activities. 
• Josie will be speaking about Korimako, a co-housing space inspired by Nightingale that is intended as a design-led proposal with mixed tenure residencies.
• Sue will be speaking about Youth Hub, which will be a physical space connecting youth providers with each other and the communities that they serve.
• Jamie from Te Ao Cafe will speak about Linwood and some ideas around what it would look like if the community (rather than private developers) influenced the neighbourhood’s regeneration.
• Camia (Ohu’s founder) will speak as a landowner with a vacant site in Lyttelton and about her desire to do something different with the space - a development co-designed and co-owned with the community.