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Dumplings & Drinks

Dumplings & Drinks
Host: Momo Said
Date: Wednesday, June 21st
Time: 7PM - 10PM

Come and experience a clash of cultures as we pair handmade Nepalese Dumplings (Momo’s) with locally sourced wines and live music. 

You can also have a hands-on lesson from local Nepalese Chefs who will guide you through the intricate art of perfectly folding your own Momo; a skill you can easily take back to your own kitchen. 

Local not-for-profit social enterprise Momo Said is joining forces with XCHC to give you the chance to experience food that makes a difference. Momo Said focuses on producing quality Momo’s that are available at select bars throughout Christchurch, the purpose of this being to generate funds that are sent straight back into the community. Momo Said uses its profit to further train and upskill their all migrant kitchen staff so that they can gain greater opportunity to grow in their new country and eventually give back to the community that has welcomed them with open arms. 

Food brings us together so invite your family and friends and make sure you all have the chance to experience these local wines and exotic Momo’s. Available as Chicken or #Vegan (which is also #diaryfree) there is something there for everyone. 

The doors open at 7 so make sure you’re there to hear the live music kick off, the corks pop and the dumplings begin to fry!