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Journey - Photography Exhibition

Exhibition: 'Journey' by Petra Hatherley
Date: Oct 31st - Nov 4th
Launch: Wednesday @ 5:30

"My Name is Petra Hatherley and I'm an emerging artist.

In September this year, I traveled down to Wanaka and took images of the beautiful rural landscapes, I also had the opportunity of meeting four professional and locally known photographers - Martin Hill, Christopher David Thompson, Eric Schusser and Annemarie Hope-Cross, and got to see how they operate as working artists. 

These opportunities were all done from the Gateway programe at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery school - which has allowed me to open my own solo exhibition! 

The name "Journey" is to show the ending of an era forming into new beginnings."

LAUNCHING NIGHT - November 2nd at 5:20pm - 7:30pm

Everyone is welcome - would love to see you there!