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Fermentation Workshops ~ Kambucha, & Vegetables

Fermentation Workshops ~ Kambucha, & Vegetables
Sunday, January 29th
Hosted by Healing Foods

Make your own:
Kambucha @ 9AM
Fermented Vegetables @ 10:30am

Fermented vegetables are a delicious condiment to your meals. They are teeming with probiotic goodness which will help you digest your food and absorb the nutrients. They are easy and cheap to make at home and it is fun to experiment with different flavours and different vegetables. The Fermented Vegetable workshop will be hands on and you will go home with a jar of fermented vegetables you have made yourself. I will be providing the vegetables, spices and jars.

The workshop includes instruction handouts, recipes and tasting.

Please email me at to register.

Ana Busch
Integrative Health Coach