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Enchanted Wood ~ Pop-up Exhibition

Enchanted Wood ~ Pop-up Exhibition
by Eugenia Zeiser
January 20th @ 6:00PM - 7:30PM

XCHC welcomes 2017's first exhibition!

A collection inspired by mother nature and human interaction!
The symbolic meaning of trees, their beauty, their wisdom, their enduring strength and adaptability. The secrets they hold the stories they tell and the reflection of their endurance and transformation

"I am multicultural, which heavily influences my designs and philosophy. I was born in Russia and grew up in Germany and studied in The Netherlands.

Interspersing travel between study and work, and working in the independent and commercial areas of the textile design field has led me to the creative style I’m working with now.

Textile Design is not only fabric it´s about the structure. And the structure is a repeat.    Everything is repeated in nature. This makes the beauty of continuity.
Continuous repeat is a rhythm. And rhythm is perfection.

Personally, I see myself more as an artist. And I love to do work in many or combined disciplines. 

For me it’s not about what you create, it´s about the feeling during the process when you    create something!

I love to travel to discover new places and experience different cultures, which all inspire me."

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