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Design Assembly Film Series 2016

Thursday, September 15th @ 6:00pm
Films: Boy and Munted

Special Guest: Welby Ings
Talk: Beyond the Realm of Writing

Welby Ings is an award winning designer, filmmaker and playwright, as well as Professor of Graphic Design at AUT. He has spoken at numerous national and international conferences about the relationship between storytelling, typography and film.
His short films Boy and Munted have been selected for many international film festivals and have been shortlisted for Academy Awards. He is currently working on two new films: Sparrow and Punch.

Welby’s talk takes us behind the scenes of the ideation process for these short films and also references his two new films Sparrow and Punch, one which is currently in production and the other which is scheduled for completion in 2017.

Summary of the talk:
Welby’s talk considers this idea. The programme uses screenings of two of his multi-award winning short films [Boy 2004 and Munted 2011], to illustrate how approaches to film narrative can surface, not from a written script but through a process of ideation inside a realm of drawing. This process he insists is not story boarding but a method of thinking. In an era where images and sound play increasingly significant roles in film development he is not alone in this insistence. Graphic designers like Wong Kar Wai (who in 1995 created Fallen Angels), have also begun stressing the role of images, sound, and music in the scripting and production process.

We’re delighted to bring Welby to our Design Assembly audience in a series of film screenings and accompanying Director’s talks in September.

Catch up with fellow graphic designers @ 6pm.
Talk and screenings begin @ 7pm