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Teal NZ

Teal NZ comes to Christchurch
Have you read Reinventing Organizations?  Curious about Holacracy?  Are you exploring new ways of working and being? Would you like to work in or create a more purposeful and soulful organisation? Teal NZ is about making New Zealand a better place to work.
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Making NZ a better place to work. To be the catalyst and hub for teal practice, education and transformation in New Zealand. 

This is a group for people in New Zealand interested in bringing the practices of the books Reinventing Organizations and Holacracy to life. Are you part of a Teal organization, or in the transition to a more purposeful and soulful organisation? Just want to learn more?

We meet regularly to discuss the challenges and breakthroughs of this path: what practices have worked well? What have we learned from experiments that failed? We'll support each other and cultivate a community that will help bring about a new ways of working.  

We encourage you to read Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux and Holacracy by Brian Robertson as they provide a common language for the journey to Teal.  The following three videos give some background if this is all new to you: Short intro,  Frederic presentation and Brian presentation.

Later Event: 15 March
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