Stephanie Defregger

“For me the XCHC was the perfect space to come into after running my business from home for 17 years. It had such a welcoming feel and because of that vibe, the transition was so much easier than I expected. Within weeks I felt at home with the space and the people and enjoyed the advantages of co-working.

It really makes sense to share a space and bring creatives together as we have often helped each other with information, practices and general knowledge about the creative industries.

What started as business relationships has grown into friendships and that is the strength of the XCHC – to connect people.

I highly recommend anyone who is looking to make the big scary step from a comfortable home office to a co-working space in choosing the XCHC. It was a really easy transition and felt natural. The makers in the makers space are a great bunch of individuals who are supportive, welcoming and fun.”
- Stephanie Defregger | Photographer / visual artist