Federico Corradi

As a freelance photographer, becoming a regular at the XCHC cafe was one of best and easiest decisions of my life.

Not only has my productivity (and mood) skyrocketed, but I get a chance to meet likeminded people every day. I get inspired by them and spend my day in a positive, uplifting environment. 

Previously working at home, I had to go out of my way to interact with creative people like me. XCHC offers me a chance to show my work to people and get ideas, and well as giving creative input to others.

It’s hard not to feel at home at the XCHC cafe. The atmosphere is always upbeat and productive. Although the coffee is probably the best in town and the Pedro’s creations are really great, there is no obligation to buy anything. The WiFi is fast and there is heaps of seating and tables at different heights (perfect if you like standing while working like me). 

I get bored easily (that’s another reason working from home sometimes doesn’t work) but every day is different here. 

Preston does a great job curating a variety of events.  There seems to be all sort of stuff going on, often in the evening and sometimes during the day. You’ll be surprised to find out how many different kinds of art and artists you’ll find at XCHC.

Doesn’t matter what you do, from painting flowers to welding steel sculptures, you’ll feel welcome here. 
- Federico Corradi, Photographer