Melwyn Rodricks (Innes Ward)


  • What value do you see the arts having in Christchurch, and how will you support the arts?
    Incalculable! Every Human expresses themselves through their five senses, and for Christchurch residents whose senses have been and continue to be traumatised through Earthquakes to EQC, any ART, in whatever medium, helps Connect residents, consciously and unconsciously.  From Connection comes Communication, which leads to Healing. So be it an Art exhibition or a Music concert, A New Café or Greening the Red Zone, every Art form is to be nurtured and applauded. For the Soul of Christchurch to Heal.

The ideas put forward by various candidates & the general public provide many options, Personally, I would support the Arts by being the Counsellor I am, IN the Council – Non-judgemental, with Unconditional Positive Regard and Congruence for every Proposal put forward by any Person / Social Enterprise.


  • What value do you see social enterprise having in Christchurch, and how will you support it?Social Enterprise involves People, with a goal that is NOT PROFIT DRIVEN!!  People who are passionate and caring and are willing to ACT on their dreams.  We residents of Christchurch have the rare Opportunity to Expand on a Historic base, and what could be better than Social Entrepreneurs & Enterprises to affect this Expansion?

I will support Social Enterprise by unitising my skills as a Counsellor. I understand Authoritarian resistance to change; And I run a Conflict Resolution Group, dealing with – CONFLICT.  I was active in Social Enterprises since I was at University (1975 – 1980) inMumbai – 20 million people, in a city the size of Christchurch. IN Christchurch today, I work with Catholic Social Services – a Free Counselling Service, Budget Advice Service & a Foodbank Service. I believe I have the knowledge, skills and experience to help make Christchurch then Eco-Bio-Socio Cultural hub of New Zealand

  • What would the city look like today without the transitional movement post earthquake?

Like it looked after Feb 2011!!

  • If we took all economic factors out of the equation, how would you value the contribution of the Arts?

Again, how long is a piece of string!?? Art is a Soul connection, and how does one value One’s Soul? Invaluable!!


  • Christchurch is fast becoming the social enterprise centre of New Zealand, reflected in the fact we are hosting the 2017 Social Enterprise World Forum. What seems common practice in UK city councils is for these governance bodies to prioritise social enterprises in all tendering processes to encourage local economies. What are your thoughts around bringing similar policies into CCC?
    YES, We have to utilise these golden opportunities to BE the Social Enterprise Centre of the Australasian Region!

Look at Singapore, Dubai, Mumbai.  Just to name a few. Each of these CITIES have grown into Regional Centres, all based on a Social Enterprise base, supported by Local Councils & Governments. So Yes, we can too. And that is my attitude, reasoning and perception.