Jo Kane (Coastal Ward)

What value do you see the arts having in Christchurch and how will you support the arts?
I place as much importance on the arts as I do sport, culture and recreation and the part that they play in peoples lives and how communities interact with each other. Its not a competition or a numbers game its the value that the community itself has on what it brings to their lives

What value do you see social enterprise having in Christchurch, and how will you support it?
My preference is that its community led, but also individual choices play a part in the different  and varied aspects artist bring to the city. Supporting individuals and groups with a clear plan that considers expectations along with funding parameters 

What would the city look like today without the transitional movement post earthquake?
Bleak, grey and certainly not as colorful as it is now - There are surprises at every corner and outstanding interpretations that make us smile . Thank goodness for the artist freedom that abounds in this city and long may it continue.   

If we excluded any economic measures how would you value the contribution of the arts to our society, our city, our community?
I would support and encourage all artist endeavors in all forms. The feel good value and the fact that it makes you think , discuss,  participate and appreciate or not, is a meaningful way of communicating who or what we are in a way that challenges or interprets community values .   

Christchurch is fast becoming the social enterprise centre of New Zealand, reflected in the fact we are hosting the 2017 Social Enterprise World Forum. What seems common practice in UK city councils is for these governance bodies to prioritise social enterprises in all tendering processes to encourage local economies. What are your thoughts around bringing similar policies into CCC?
The first step is to ensure that the arts has the same intrinsic value and  funding mechanisms as environmental, cultural and recreational choices . Again the community can lead this but their needs to be leadership at Council level to understand the role the arts pay in our everyday lives