Invitation: "Spreading the Soup Love"

Our friends at GapFiller got in touch and are inviting people to participate in the next CHCH SOUP for a chance to win some $! Also, if you wanna get right to the special announcement, skip down to the "Spreading the Soup Love" subtitle below!

Got a great idea for a cool, fun project for Christchurch that you’ve been itching to get off the ground?

CHCH SOUP is the event for you. It might be an event, a little project, an artwork, a working bee to get something done in your neighbourhood, garden… anything really. It’s just got to be achievable within 3 months or a discrete part of it does. To that end, SOUP is supporting small, relatively easily achievable local projects get off the ground.

Gap Filler is inviting you to come pitch your idea at CHCH SOUP: SUMMER 2017 on Wednesday, 1st February 2017 at 6pm at The Commons, ChCh City for your chance to take home around $500 cash to make your idea a reality. 


SOUP is an event that aims to make cool, fun and achievable small projects happen quickly in Christchurch. For their ticket price attendees receive delicious soup, bread and a vote. Attendees will hear up to 5 people pitch projects they wish to realise in their community. Questions get asked, options get evaluated and everyone votes. At the end of the night, the winner goes home with a pot of money to carry out their project. At the next soup event they come back and report on its success.


Sound great? It is. If you have an idea and are interested to pitch it for the chance to take home the pot, please email to register your interest. 

Think you’d like to run a SOUP event in your community in the future? Go on! Gap Filler is preparing to test out how we might share what we’ve learned in creating these events so that more communities can put on similar events of their own. 

In Summer 2017, we will run a SUBURBAN SOUP pilot with three communities. If successful, we will create a recipe book (manual) to share the basics of putting on such an event to help make it easy for anyone to use. Everything from how to run the actual event, to how to support pitchers, promoting the event and health and safety templates. We plan to share our knowledge to empower more communities to make good things happen in their own backyard. 

We’re seeking people from different parts of ChCh to come along to SUMMER SOUP on Feb 1 at 6pm to see how it’s done and learn from what they observe. 
Interested? Please get in touch with to register your interest.