Articles that inspired us in 2018

We’ve learned a lot this year. Other organizations, creative practitioners (or “residents”) in our studios, event hosts, even people who drop in for a coffee sometimes say things that make us think differently, feel good, or leaves us questioning everything.

We haven’t written all those down, but, here are a few other things we found inspiring this year.

18’ December: 33 rules to be an Artist | Jerry Sultz | Vulture
18' December: The Mystical Power of Inclusive Spaces | Jim Sheehan | TEDx Spokane
18' October: A push to invest in the Arts becomes Stronger | Impact Investing | New York Times
18' September: Art Binds People to Place and to Each Other | Art binds | Social capital
18' September: Step Into The Page | Creative soul | Freedom | Art in Virtual Reality
18' September: SOAPBOX: Opinion piece by Jacinda Ardern | Arts as Full-Time endeavor | Youth
18' August: Abundant Artist Association | Potential | Making good money.
18' August: How craft is good for our health | relaxation | stress | accomplishment | happiness
18' July: “Profound” impact of creativity on mental wellbeing | Connection | Resilience | Social
18' July: Every New Zealander needs a Third Place | Public spaces | Building community
18' April: Bloomsbury South | Artists developed a powerful synthesis