There are two types of spaces for lease:  

MAKER SPACES for the production of creative works.
Express Interest
Resident Agreement

SHOWCASE SPACE for sharing creative works with the public. 
Event Agreement
Terms & Conditions




Hire rates include:
24-hour access
Heated building
 general cleaning, media exposure and events.


SHOWCASE SPACE   |   120sqm   
The showcase space is for creative events exhibitions.
Artist Exhibitions: $500/week
Community/Non-profit Event: $100/module* or $300/day   
Small Business/Private Event: $150/module* or $450/day
Corporate Event: $200/module* or $600/day
All events $70 cleaning fee

SHOP   |   35sqm   
The shop has a glass front entrance and is visible from the street.
Community/Non-profit: $100/day   
Small Business/Private: $150/day
Corporate: $200/day

MAKER SPACE   |  160sqm  
The maker space is an open shared studio where space is hired by the square meter; the minimum hire period is one month. Visit the RESIDENTS page to find out more about the people working here.
$10 per m2 per week 

The Zeiser Room is offered to artists who are passing through and looking to host an event or exhibition in our showcase space or use our production space and need a place to stay. We also allow visitors who want to have a home away from home experience in a creative space and connect to the local culture. 
Pricing is dependant on your reason for staying and the rooms availability. 

* a module equals a morning (8-12pm), afternoon (1-5pm) or evening (6-10pm)
All rates exclusive of GST
Please come speak to us if price is an issue, we aim to make the space available to all groups.

Thank you for considering hiring our venue. All revenue goes to helping creative practitioners at XCHC develop their work and grow into their creative selves. 

We've been open since August 2014 and have held over 200 events* in our venue. We keep our rates affordable by taking a hands-off approach; encouraging hosts to curate their event however they see fit and leaving things how they found them.

Step 1:

Visit the venue (when possible) and decide for yourself if it works for your event.

Step 2:

Read the FAQs

Step 3:

See if the date is available
Call/Text: 027-828-3757

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Send it to &
Arrange a time to meet and get tour of facilities.

*Events include: storytelling, presentations, product launches, wine/food tastings, concerts, magic shows, theatre, dance, community conversations, panel discussions, film, showcase events, art exhibitions, workshops, pop-up shops, night markets, design meet-ups, photoshoots, video shoots, poetry readings, open-mics, literary events, singer-songwriter performances, AGMs, private parties, and many more.

The Emerging Artist Fund (EAF) was created by Maven Ltd and XCHC to support emerging artists in pursuing their creative passions and development. To serve the purpose of 'cultivating a creative ecology', XCHC has partnered with creative individuals to provide 20+ exhibitions, 200+ events, and 40+ residents in the last 2.5 years. 

With this fund, visitors to XCHC and supporters from around the world can donate towards our purpose of cultivating a creative ecology and help fund people coming to XCHC.



Join the others who have taken their creativity out of their homes and offices and into XCHC!

We have an amazing crew of residents with diverse creative disciplines, some professionals, and some emerging as-well. Its an open, shared, messy space to create and feel supported by others. 

Fund: 1 Month of residency at XCHC


Do you have a talent you want to share with others, but you don't have a place to share it?

XCHC has a venue for public or private showcasing events. Whether you're an emerging musician, artist, dancer or performer or some sort, our venue may be the place for you to share.

Fund: 1 Showcasing Event at XCHC


About 1/3 of the Exhibitions that are hung in XCHC are by artists exhibiting for the first time. 

Photographers, painters, graphic designers, writers, and others have brought their work to the walls of XCHC. From Youth Poetry to International Art projects, all are welcomed to share. You could be next.

Fund: 1 Week Exhibition at XCHC