There are two types of spaces for lease:  

MAKER SPACES for the production of creative works.
Express Interest
Resident Agreement

SHOWCASE & EVENTS SPACE for sharing creative works or other public and private events.



Hire rates include:
•24-hour access
•Heated building
•General cleaning
•Social media exposure


SHOWCASE & EVENTS SPACE   |   120sqm   
The showcase space is for events and art exhibitions.
Artist Exhibitions: $500/week
Community/Non-profit Event: $100/module* or $300/day   
Small Business/Private Event: $150/module* or $450/day
Corporate Event: $200/module* or $600/day
All events $70 cleaning fee

SHOP   |   35sqm   
The shop has a glass front entrance and is visible from the street.
Community/Non-profit: $100/day   
Small Business/Private: $150/day
Corporate: $200/day

MAKER SPACE   |  160sqm  
The maker space is an open shared studio where space is hired by the square meter; the minimum hire period is one month. Visit the RESIDENTS page to find out more about the people working here.
$10 per m2 per week 

The Zeiser Room is offered to artists looking to host an event or exhibition in our showcase space or use our production space and would like a place to stay. We also allow visitors who want to have a home away from home experience in a creative space and connect to the local culture. 
Pricing is dependant on your reason for staying and the rooms availability. 

* a module equals a morning (8-12pm), afternoon (1-5pm) or evening (6-10pm)
All rates exclusive of GST
Please come speak to us if price is an issue, we aim to make the space available to all groups.