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We've had jewelry makers, fashion designers, graphic designers, web developers, community initiatives, social enterprises, architects, glass/bead makers, painters, screen printers, builders, interior designers, street artists, and more!
We'd love to reference your work, is there any examples online?
Everyone who deals with raw materials has different needs from their space. 6m² is the minimum, but if you work from a desk (avg 3m²), you'll have to share a section with someone else. This allows more space for others, preventing the makerspace to be overrun with computers/desks.
You're required to bring your own furniture, but if you're bringing large and/or dangerous equipment like a kiln, we need to know in advance.
Because XCHC is a mixed-use space, we have events most evenings and we want to be sure that this doesn't interfere with your work (or as little as possible). We only require 'lights off' during film screenings and special performances (roughly 2 evenings a month).
Would you be interested in participating in any of the below activities?
We're a small team, so if there are any ways you feel you could contribute, you're welcomed to share them with us here, but its not mandatory or expected.
Or if there is anything unclear about our process and space, we welcome and appreciate feedback so we can improve our operations and support :)
Not mandatory at this stage, but we always suggest people see the venue and understand our terms before expressing interest.
If you decide to join us
We request our residents send us an image and blurb for our records and to feature on our page ( Is this okay with you?
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