What equipment does the venue provide?
The venue hire includes use of:
•PA Speaker
•Projector/Screen (compatible with MAC & PC)
•Tables: 6 large, 4 medium, 5 leaners
•Chairs: 80
•Bar stools: 20

What are the rules on music/noise?
Our focus as a venue is to provide space for our creative communities to connect and entertain the public; including musicians. Despite noise ordinance levels being open as a business, unfortunately we are on the edge of the neighborhood and only moderate volume & acoustic instruments until 10pm.

Can we use the kitchen?
Hiring the venue does not include any of the kitchen equipment, cutlery, or plateware. Only glassware for water. 
You can hire the kitchen and use of its contents for $50 as stated in our venue hire form

What are the catering/food options?
Catering specifics can be found on our CAFE & BAR page

What is the capacity of the venue?
Up to 100 people can move comfortably around the space standing or seated. 80 is a comfortable number depending on how you set up. 

How do I promote my event/sell tickets?
I always recommend creating a Facebook event, as those are easily shared. When you create it, make us co-host, and share it with facebook Groups that may be interested in the event. More info and recommended sites found on our HOST page

How much does it cost to hire the venue for an event?
As seen on our Rates page, a 4hr module will cost: 
$100+GST for Not-For-Profit/Community Event
$150+GST for Small Business Event/Private
$200+GST for Corporate Event

Every hire has a mandatory cleaning fee of $70+GST

Details for hosting an ART EXHIBITION here.

Do you have any pictures of events to reference the size of the venue?
Yes we have many photos on our Facebook page or a collection of a few events here.
Here are a few large events to reference:
Wedding Reception ~ 48 people
Performance ~ 70 people
Classical Music ~ 100 people
Film/Presentation ~ 80 people
Presentation ~ 30 people

What about having alcohol at our event?
BYO - $50 additional charge.
Bar Service - $25ph for duty manager to serve your event. 

What do we do with rubbish?
There are bins in the alleyway along the right side of the building. We are environmentally conscious at XCHC and urge hosts to use appropriate recycle, compost, and rubbish bins. (Please do not use the cafe bins)

How do you plug into the PA system/speakers and projector?
The 4 power switches to the PA and projector are behind the big coffee bags on the shelves next to the coffee grinder. They should also turn on the cafe lights. Once turned on, you'll find an auxiliary cord and bluetooth device hanging beside the speaker and water station/sink. Just plug in and go. The projector has an HDMI cable next to where the screen is mounted.