How much does it cost to hold an Exhibition?
It's $500+GST per week. We find some exhibit at XCHC to showcase their work without intending on selling it; making that price at times unaffordable. If this is the case, please get in touch, as we'd rather have work on our walls than nothing at all and can work with you on what you can do. 

Why the flat rate?
We find having an upfront cost encourages artists to assign a higher value/price to their work. It also encourages them to work with XCHC in promoting the exhibition and pushing for the showcase to be a success and make that cost (and much more) back.

It has also encouraged groups shows. 5 artists each paying $100 makes for an incredible week and launch without a high cost and may encourage the exchange between different artists groups, and a diversity of creative mediums in a single show.

When do I setup & take down the exhibition?
There are 4 windows in the showcase space that can be covered and used as exhibition space, or if you have fewer pieces of work, we can leave the windows exposed leaving you less area to fill with work. Please let us know which panels you would like on/off.
Setup: The cafe is closed on the weekend, so we will get you a key and security code to come in any time on Sunday and you'll have all day to yourself to set up/hang your exhibition. We have a ladder, but very few other tools, so we suggest bringing everything you'll need to hang your work. 
We'll open the cafe to the public on Monday-Friday.

Take down: You'll have the venue to yourself again on Saturday to take down your work. We ask any damage to the walls be touched up with the paint we have on-site and that things be left clean and easy for the next exhibitor to come in and set up the following day (Sunday). 

Why do you call this a "showcase space" instead of a gallery? And who is the curator?
Galleries have curators and usually take 40% commission on sales. We don't because we feel the artist is the best person to curate their work; having total control in the space encourages the creativity to continue and means we don't have to take any commission on sold work.

What about a launch party?
Partnered launch: "XCHC Friday" is a program we designed so we could give the venue away every friday for a creative event or community purpose. Just ask what XCHC Friday event is on the week you want to exhibit and we'll help you organize with a creative partner/co-host.
Solo launch: You can use any other weeknight as long as the venue isn't already hired for a private function/event, but will require hiring the space.

What's special about exhibiting at XCHC?
You become a part of our ongoing alumni that we take pride in showcasing.
You're creativity is a contribution to the space. When there is an exhibition, the other pieces of XCHC (cafe, studios etc) benefit and financially helps sustain the whole.
We have formally partnered with Excio; an app that shares visual arts around the world. As an exhibitor here, you will be featured on the Excio app.

What kind of work do you/don't you allow?
We encourage art in all its many diverse forms. From textile exhibitions, pieces installed on the floor, hanging from the ceiling, alternative and sometimes even questionable work finds XCHC a safe space to tell its story. However you can imagine it, we encourage you to try it. 

There are 11 areas of wall-space roughly 2.5m² each.

There are 11 areas of wall-space roughly 2.5m² each.