Events are a way to share your creative work with a wider audience. 


Come to our free weekly creative nights
Host your own!

XCHC Friday is a weekly event where we give the venue away to serve a creative event or community purpose. We also staff the bar which encourages people to come out and show support. 

Our exhibitors can have their launch at no charge and partner with a performance, music, theatre, storytelling, magic show, poetry/open-mic, or one of the many other events we've had.

Through this, they can get much needed feedback, build an audience, confidence, further develop their work, and see 2 differing creative communities come together for a fun night; giving people interested in the creative industries a place to gather and meet one another.

(July-December 2016 program)

Interested in attending?
All events are free to host and free to attend; but we suggest giving a koha to show support for emerging talent.
Please check out our Events page and our Facebook events page for upcoming events.


Interested in hosting your own?
Get in touch and see what upcoming dates are available.