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Placemaking & Conversations

Placemaking & Public Conversations
Hosted by Mike Fisher, Monika Markova & Camia Young
Friday, November 18th @ 5pm

Join us for a public conversation and 3 presentations by the following projects involved in Christchurch's placemaking scene. 

What happens when a government rethinks how it works and unleashes people on city spaces? Come find out as Mike discusses placemaking in Adelaide and what possible lessons for other cities.

Urban Regeneration is about utilizing whatever means are available to drive positive change in the built environment and create meaningful places.
What’s possible when a city harnesses the full potential of its existing urban fabric? Find out lessons we can learn from Leipzig – the ‘hipster’s paradise’, the ‘little Paris of Germany’ and most recently, an aspiring Transition Town.

Ohu Development - building community by building buildings.

As we transition into the creative century and out of the productive century we are seeing a growing demand for places where people connect with one another - this shift is blurring the boundaries between where people live, work and play. We believe the 21st Century city is a place where developments will be driven by cultivating meaningful relationships and growing social capital as much as providing a financial return. 

We currently have three strands of work in progress: identifying and scoping community led property developments in Christchurch with the goal of supporting a select few to be investor ready by the Social Enterprise World Forum (Sept 2017, Christchurch). Second, we are building a network of aligned organizations in order to best serve a project’s successful development, recognizing that many of the skill sets exist but what is missing is connecting them so we can leverage each other’s strengths. In parallel, we are researching and developing the legal and financial frameworks needed to support more equitable investment into property.

Graphic shared by Mike Fisher

Graphic shared by Mike Fisher

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