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Illusia: Short Film Screening

Illusia: Short Film Screening
February 3rd @ 7:00pm
Hosted by Ramona Gastl

ILLUSIA Short Film Screening and Q&A with Ramona Gastl


Is the main question of the film ILLUSIA about a puppet maker from Siberia. I take you on an unforgettable journey! 

The most delicious food is available with the XCHC cafe created by the incredible Chef Aliesha.

The event is FREE for everybody!
But feel free to give a donation / koha at the door! 
That makes the long film ILLUSIA possible and that I can screen the film around the world. I'm greatful for your coming!

Everybody in Tomsk knows his name: Vladimir Zakharov. 
Zakharov, 60, is the puppet maker. Since twelve years he charms the people from Siberia with his spectacles. 1991 he came from Usbekistan to Tomsk to achieve his childhood dream. Back then he wanted to build robots. Today he is engineer, cyberneticist, actor, regisseur, and all the things that surrounds himself he builds on his own. His house, his repair shop, his theater and his terrace. Most of the time Zakharov is lonely. At the same time this loneliness means freedom to him. When he is playing theater with his puppets, he expresses his burning desires. 

About ME:
I’m Ramona Gastl, Photographer and Filmmaker from Germany. 
With ILLUSIA (short film) I travel around the world and organize film screenings. ILLUSIA will become a long film till 2020. Already you can be part of the process and help me to answer the question „How are loneliness and freedom connected to each other?“

I’m looking forward to meet you at the 3rd of February! 
See you at Exchange. Christchurch.

Yours Ramona
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