Patricia Siataga (Spreydon Ward)

Pacific Performing Arts has been an area of growth in
Canterbury for our schools and Youth.   The opportunity to
bring together and showcase our cultures and embrace all
communities across Canterbury. The continued support from
the Schools,MOE, MPP & CCC to continue the drive to support
the evolving SPACPAC series of events in Christchurch in the
areas of Speeches in the Languages, BizNinja
(Entrepreneurs), Careers and Academic achievement.  These
events provide the backbone of our youth sector.  Champions
for this are volunteers who are hardworking and community
spirited.  A voice at the local council table is a necessity
going forward.

Canterbury hosting the Social Enterprise World Forum 2017
provides an opportunity to awaken our communities to the
social and economic benefits on offer. To gain a better
understanding of how entrepreneurs and enterprising
communities can become more actively engaged and prospering.
Attracting minority community/groups would be a good move
for Christchurch.