John Minto (Mayoralty)

Keep our assets Canterbury
I read somewhere that the arts reflect the “soul” of humanity. I think that’s true – they reflect back to us the reality of our lives – the good and the bad in all its complexity. There will always be limited ways a council can fund the arts directly with hard cash but there are many other ways the council can help foster the arts through event promotion, use of council facilities etc etc

Glenn Livingstone (Burwood Ward)

The People's Choice - Labour
I would value the contribution of the arts to our society, city and community as an integral part of Aotearoa New Zealand's maturing as a people and peoples. The arts tell us about ourselves, they hold a mirror up to us. They show us who we are and who we're becoming. Their role is to provoke and speak out and move us to respond. 

Dora Roimata Lagsbury (Central Ward)

I also endorse the fact that the city council has been working closely with Ngai Tahu and Ngai Tuahuriri Runaka to embed our stories, history and designs within every aspect of the rebuild of the central city. I believe this will not only add to the attractiveness of our inner city for visitors, but it will also demonstrate the growing treaty partnership relationship that is building between Ngai Tahu and Christchurch City and its Council.  

Vicki Tahau-Paton (Central Ward)

The People's Choice - Labour
I have been a national and regional sports person, with age that stops. I have designed clothes and appreciated art for as long as I can remember that is eternal……. I value the contribution of the arts as precious but something to be shared by all, it has no boundaries and is limitless, it is our future and our past, it is our being and for me it is part of my soul. 

Dean Lester (Coastal Ward)

We often think of “making a difference” as being permanent and long lasting, but that is a narrow and one dimensional approach. Our lives are enriched and our day, or that moment in time, improved by the positive actions of others. In our recovery the opportunity has existed, and been grasped, by those involved with the arts to and colour and creative flair to our broken environment. 

Aaron Keown (Harewood Ward)

True Independent
The Arts have helped to both distract and heal us in the wake of the changes to our city. The determination of the Arts community that ‘the show must go on’ has inspired many. Others have found, through the Arts, methods to process their experiences. In these ways alone the contribution of the Arts to our society is immeasurable. 

John Stringer (Papanui Ward)

The Arts is an expression of and investment in our soul as a people; our culture; and our 'home' and cannot be measured purely in terms of financial measures; so I am and always have been a bold advocate of the arts and once ran a business doing exactly this because of believe in the value of the Arts to the wholeness of New Zealand.