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Local suppliers
•Pop-up restaurants
•Guest chefs
Best toasties in Christchurch
•Fast & free internet
•Vegan friendly
•Supreme Coffee
•Almond Milk made here
•Pet friendly 🐶


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XCHC Cafe is a radical concept for a cafe, designed to feature guest chefs and pop-ups; a place of changing foods and a community of people who appreciate hospitality and creativity.

The intention is to connect visitors directly with the person preparing their food and give them a cultural experience, which provides an opportunity to appreciate the art of cooking and hospitality. The menu changes depending the season and local suppliers. Expect seasonal and hearty lunches, including salads, toasted sandwiches and baked specialities.

The cafe first opened in August 2015 under the care and direction of Chef Aliesha McGilligan. She proved how food and inclusive hospitality added to the creative ecology; giving everyone the opportunity to connect, not only those in creative industries. 

Aliesha has moved onto her next venture and the kitchen now welcomes guest chefs, pop-up restaurants, and others who want to trial something while feeling supported and getting feedback from our community.



Outside catering allowed for events in some circumstances, but surcharge may apply.  Outside wines allowed with corkage fee of $10 per bottle.

option 1 - $15 per person catering includes decadent canapé, 

option 2 - $11.50/person catering with standard canapé

option 3 - $8.50/person catering with breads and dips



We're licensed and serve craft beers and wines at all events Monday - Friday. 

Reference our HOST page for more information pn hosting your next event at XCHC.

Because we're open to the the public during the week, some private events may not be suitable. Please get in touch if you feel this is the case.